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Taking on some hard problems in chemistry through new algorithms, tool making, and computation.

Chemical Heuristics in the 21st Century

Chemical heuristics in the esterification reaction
Chemical heuristics in the esterification reaction (right). The elementary reaction steps are represented in terms of bond breaking () and bond making () heuristics. The kinetic feasibility is derived from the energy profile (left) using the arc heuristic criterion Wa (bottom).

Networked Chemistry

Formose reaction network
Some products of the formose reaction  HOCH2CH=O + CH2=O (left). The network of the formose reaction  HOCH2CH=O + 2 CH2=O in the transition network (TN) representation (right).

Conducting Molecules

Tunneling conductance in Cys(Gly)<sub>n</sub> oligopeptides
Model for tunneling conductance in CysGlyn oligopeptide series (left). The highest occupied molecular orbitals (HOMOs) are localized on the S atoms (green). The in-plane peptide bond orbitals are predominantly localized on the C=O groups (red), while the out-of-plane peptide bond orbitals are found on the N atoms (blue). The superexchange model (bottom) predicts a characteristic splitting of the orbital energies (right) for the in-plane (red) and out-of-plane (blue) peptide bond orbitals.

Encoding 3D Molecular Structure

Structure encoding using Morton's Z-curve
Structure encoding of the H2O2 molecule using Morton's Z-curve (top). Schematic representation of the encoding of the four-dimensional space (q, r, θ, and ϕ) using Morton's Z-curve (bottom).

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Scientific Presentations

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Open-Source Code

  1. colibri is your lightweight and gregarious chemistry explorer.
  2. molz is an experimental molecular structure encoder using Morton's space-filling curve.